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Motiv Raptor Fury

Motiv Raptor Fury

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  • Speed Dominant - For bowlers who struggle to see ball motion, the Raptor Fury will serve as a benchmark.  The versatility of the Affliction V2 core along with the control of the Leverage XFS cover means that speed dominant bowlers will have a predictable ball to take out of their bag first to read the lane.
  • Balanced - In testing, our balanced bowlers loved that they were able to use the Raptor Fury longer than heavy oil balls are normally used.  The Leverage XFS cover is designed to be used from many angles, allowing bowlers to move in as the lane transitions without being forced out of their ball for fresh.
  • Rev Dominant - The advantage provided by the Raptor Fur for rev dominant bowlers is primarily found in the core.  Many rev dominant players see too much forward motion down lane from asymmetrical bowling balls.  The symmetrical Affliction V2 core will match up well for bowlers concerned about their heavy oil balls being too forward down lane.

Affliction V2 Symmetric


Leverage XFS Solid 

Cover Type 



2000 Grit LSS





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